The Product

WEST COAST SAILS are manufactured from premium quality shade cloth (“Rainbow Z16 AAA Grade Fabric) in 78% to 99% U.V. Protection.

The cloth is cut to a precise size and shape to suit the design as supplied. The perimeter of the sail is double sewn and includes a 3mm stainless cable which is fixed to Class 316 stainless rings at each corner. The corner tags are double sewn and reinforced with a “seat belt” style webbing.

The stainless steel cables and fixings are required to properly tension the sail, which will not “belly” and sag. Timber or Steel columns are installed to Engineer’s specification. Wind loading is carried by the stainless steel cables to ensure long life of the sail. The sails are generally set at different angles and elevations.

Shadecloth Data

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Engineering details and specifications are available upon request. Shade sails are certified to withstand windloadings of 80 km/ph. Structural components can be built for cyclonic conditions. Structural Engineer’s certification is provided for major projects.