The ShadeDOME Company warrants to repair or remake the sail at NO COST for damage due to fair wear and tear for a period of THREE YEARS from date of installation.  We offer to remake the sail at HALF the original cost at FIVE years from date of installation requested by the customer.  The manufacturers of the cloth warrant the cloth against U.V. degradation for a period for five to ten years.

There is no warranty for damage due to misuse or vandalism.  The warranty does not include costs attributed to travel and reinstallation or freight costs.

The design has been approved by our Engineers to withstand winds to 80k.p.h.  They are designed primarily to provide SHADE and are not designed to provide year round weather protection.  Fixings are detachable to afford speedy dismantling in the event of strong winds.

In Metropolitan, Mid West and South West regions of Western Australia the sails should be dismantled and stored from May 31 to October 1.  In the North West regions of Western Australia  they MUST be dismantled by the owner as soon as a cyclone warning is issued.

Our Company provides a FREE ADVISORY SERVICE for dismantling and installing the sails.
PH:0448 742 333.  We will be pleased to quote you for this yearly service.